Starting Your Real Estate Journey Strong: 10 things to do in your first 10 days

Becoming a real estate agent is a career path full of opportunity and the challenge of building your success from the ground up. Whether you’re drawn to the promise of flexible hours or the potential for high earnings, the beginning of your agent life is paramount to setting the tone for your professional trajectory. Your first 10 days in the field are a critical launchpad toward establishing the robust network and skill set necessary for a flourishing career.

As seasoned veterans in the industry can attest, there’s a method to crafting those initial days for optimum impact. Here’s a comprehensive guide for new real estate agents on how to make the most of their entry period into the thrilling and dynamic world of property sales and acquisitions.

1. Map Out Your Sphere of Influence (SOI)

Your network is your net worth, as the old adage goes. This couldn’t be truer for real estate agents. Begin by compiling a list of at least 50 people you know, ranging from friends and family to former colleagues and service providers. This initial database — your Sphere of Influence — will serve as the foundation of your client portfolio. Leverage CRM platforms, lead-generating websites, and mobile apps to keep this list organized and track your interactions effectively. Consistency in maintaining your SOI database through regular contacts and adding new connections is non-negotiable from day one.

2. Swiftly Define Your Goals and Plan

Real estate is a goal-oriented profession, and the sooner you map out your objectives, the quicker you’ll be able to tailor a plan to achieve them. Work closely with your broker to articulate clear income and lifestyle benchmarks. This will help you establish your business plan and give purpose to every action you take in the coming days. Keep refining this plan as you gain a better understanding of the industry and adjust your goals based on market trends and personal growth.

3. Crafting a Professional Image

Professionalism matters — it’s the armor of credibility you don when you walk into the real estate arena. Invest in professional headshots and craft a compelling bio for your company’s website. Your online presence is equally significant, so ensure your profiles on social media platforms and real estate sites are complete. These serve as a virtual handshake with potential clients and industry peers. Always strive for coherence in your personal branding to establish a strong, memorable identity.

4. Vendor Vitality

Champion relationships with at least two veterans in the lending and title business. They are not just allies in smooth transactions but invaluable sources of insider knowledge. Collaborate with them to develop your suite of branded marketing materials and equip yourself with an in-depth understanding of the buyer’s financial process. A strong vendor network is akin to real estate preparedness; it predicts success, not just waits for it.

5. Expand Your Reach

Your target list should surpass the 100-mark rapidly. Diversify your connections — not just those who are poised to purchase immediately but also professionals and officials relevant to the industry. Act on this network by making it a daily practice to call five individuals from your list, schedule at least one business meetup a week, and continually update and strengthen your contacts. This broadening of your horizon ensures a steady influx of potential leads and safeguards against a stagnant pipeline.

6. Know Your Market

Familiarize yourself with a specific geographic area or property type early on. Specialization could be the springboard that propels your career forward. By deeply understanding the market dynamics and property-related community issues, you become a knowledgeable source in the eyes of potential clients. Mastery of a niche further affirms your commitment and transforms your expertise into a valuable differentiator in a crowded field.

7. Educate and Absorb

Guidance from a mentor is a treasure trove of insights. Arrange to shadow a seasoned agent on various property presentations. However, mentoring doesn’t stop there. Seek out a variety of voices within and adjacent to real estate, such as via podcasts and industry events, to supplement your learning. Absorbing information at this rate will not only accelerate your growth but inspire creative solutions and a wider perspective.

8. Network Aggressively and Charismatically

Every new encounter is an opportunity to spread your wings and your professional aura. Hand out those business cards like they are the keys to untold real estate riches — because they just might be. Aim to distribute at least two each day and be proactive in finding situations to meet potential clients or collaborators. Your local chamber meetups, city council gatherings, or community events could be a goldmine of networking chances.

9. Open House Strategy

Volunteer for Open Houses to get yourself in front of willing & able buyers! This can be with homes within our company or developers with large amounts of inventory & model homes. Schedule showings on vacant properties to get practice showing – ask a fellow agent to let you use them as a guinea pig. When you are meeting these potential buyers, it is important to ensure they are not already working with an agent. If they aren’t, then they are yours to nurture into a ready buyer. It takes on average 8 different touches to turn a potential customer into a ready customer, so it is crucial to get their information & maintain contact regularly as you move them through to their goals – think emails, texts, calls, visits, & remember that CRM we provide can help you plan & track all of this!

10. Never Stop Learning

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in this industry is not continuing to learn. Rome wasn’t built in a day & your knowledge of this career will never reach capacity, but we want you to try! We provide multiple opportunities within our office for training & have incentives for achieving beyond our foundation courses. The local association also schedules multiple classes every week that are free (& sometimes will feed you!) to help you meet new people in the industry while expanding your knowledge. Certifications & Designations are also a great way to help yourself stand out amongst the crowd of agents competing for the same business you are.

Remember, the first 10 days are not solely about achieving sales targets or securing clients. They are about constructing a potent foundation — one that is rooted in relationships, knowledge, and fortitude. Patience and resilience will be your companions as you acknowledge and execute the vital tasks that form the backbone of your real estate career. These recommendations are crafted to empower you to erect a successful and fulfilling career, one day at a time, one step at a time. Welcome to a profession that is as limitless as your commitment to it.

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